Let New Life Cardio Repair help you prevent breakdowns and repairs BEFORE they happen. It is easy to forget about timely maintenance of your fitness equipment. It’s a mechanical fact, like a car, without regular maintenance, any type of machine is destined to break from neglect causing you costly repairs. Not only will proper maintenance reduce repair costs on older equipment, it will increase the lifespan of newer machines.

 Whether you have an at home or commercial gym, we’ll offer you an easy and worry-free maintenance program custom designed to keep your equipment in top working order, limiting downtime, costly repairs and service calls. You can feel confident in New Life Cardio Repair customized service packages that go beyond manufacturer’s recommendations, giving you a much greater return on your investment.

We recommend having your equipment serviced at least once every 6 months.

Our standard Maintenance includes

          • Inspection of use and safety
          • Inspecting and adjusting belts and cables
          • Align and tension drive/alt belt, cable & chain tension
          • Check & tighten all hardware
          • Calibration and lubricating machines
          • Lubricate all bearings & guide rods
          • Thorough cleaning of all parts– inside and out
          • Vacuum around and under unit
          • Ensuring the equipment is functioning according to manufacturer’s specifications
          • Equipment diagnostic checks
          • Product levelling

*Happened there to be a need for a repair during maintenance, there would be an additional cost for the repair along with a part fee if applicable*


We offer Preventative Maintenance plans.

To help increase life expectancy of the machine and decrease downtime

Our Service plans are tailored to your equipment or Equipment needs.

Service plans start at Monthly Visits all the way to yearly.

Contact us today to find a plan that fits you!