Just like your car, ALL exercise equipment needs to be properly maintained or they eventually break down. If repairs are needed, don’t fear the unknown. You want reliable and honest service. Our mobile technicians will arrive on site and provide the diagnostics needed, they will assess if any parts are necessary and correct the fault as quickly as possible.

All of this for a fair, low, and honest price.

Whether it be a treadmill, elliptical, stepper, rower, stationary bike, you name it, we’re experienced with them all. This is where a fitness equipment repair expert comes in.

Our standard repair includes

        • Diagnostics
        • Labor
        • Repair

*Equipment purchased with New Life Cardio Equipment with a valid 3-year part warranty from date of purchase, there is no extra charge added. *

*Equipment NOT purchased with New Life Cardio Equipment there will be an additional cost charge. For the cost, please see our parts web page.

When placing the request, it is critical to give a full description and/or provide photos of what is occurring with your machine. You could give us a call and talk to one of our technicians for more help. We want to help you avoid a return service fee and a longer wait for a fix.

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